How to Wear a Pleated Skirt: 8 Ways

 How to Wear a Pleated Skirt: 8 Ways

Pleated Skirt
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The Pleated skirt is back in fashion, and this time, it's not just a trend. With dresses being popular for fall/winter seasons now with their versatile nature of colors and materials and patterns to choose from, you can wear them anywhere without limits! All that's needed are some tips on how best to style your newfound favorite item so they look perfect every day.

Pleated Skirts come in many different shapes, which means there'll always be something nice coming up next year no matter who says otherwise, but what if you want a pleated skirt for this year? Well, with pleats being in fashion since forever (in one form or another), there's no doubt that it'll be back soon.

All of these make them perfect items to invest in - your money won't go down the drain! But they are suitable for investment; short skirts look great on most women and can save lives when appropriately worn like any other part of clothing, but where do I start?

Today we're discussing how to Wear Pleated Skirts with anything, which means no matter your body type- size, height, etc., you will find at least some examples here helpful.

1. How to wear a pleated skirt with hoodies

Pleated Skirt
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When you want to be lazy and cozy, a hoodie is a perfect way. It will help keep your outfit casual while also adding some comfy detail with its soft material that slims down any exaggerated shapes from pleats or gathers in skirts. You can go for more of an edgy look by wearing white sneakers on top - these would look great paired alongside this chic fleece number!

2. How to wear a pleated skirt with belt bags

Pleated Skirt
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Look at the above combination of wearing a belt bag with a pleated skirt can be worn in two ways. You can wear it with your shirt tucked in the belt or over the blazer.

3. How to wear a pleated skirt with sweaters/jumpers

Pleated Skirt
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The perfect outfit for the chilly winter months is all thanks to one piece of clothing: a pleated skirt. They are easy, effortless, and chic alike- you can wear them with either sweats or more formal attire like heels on top of your favorite tights! Oversized sweaters look great over these skirts, too, because they give off that cozy vibe that everyone needs at this time of year when days tend towards shorter sun hours followed by snowfall, which means lower temperatures outside.

Not only do pleated skirts look great during the winter, but they are also perfect for transitioning into spring! That means that even though you're still bundling up in scarves and mittens, you can wear a pleated skirt every day until the blue skies finally decide to make an appearance.

Pleated skirts are perfect year-round because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! If you're heading out for a night on the town, you can wear them with some high heels and statement earrings to get all of your friends talking. If you're running errands around town, wear them with flats and a simple t-shirt to make sure that you are comfortable and cozy throughout your entire day.

4. How to wear a pleated skirt with blazers and a pleated skirt with Belt

Pleated Skirt
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The blazers and the skirts are perfect for each other, as they both have a youthful vibe. If you want an edge that will set your outfit apart from others, though, go with one of these trends:

Pleated Skirt
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I love how the Belt gives off such bling vibes when paired up!

5. How to wear a pleated skirt with coats

Pleated Skirt
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The perfect winter outfit can be many things, and I must say, this is one of my all-time favorite combinations. I love monochrome looks with minor detail, so you can still look chic with everyday clothes. For colder days when it's not quite warm enough in general but still feels like falling outside, layer up using sweaters and jackets blazers while staying comfortable thanks to boots on toast legs.

6. How to wear a pleated skirt with knee-high boots

Pleated Skirt
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Classic leather or pleated design is the ideal skirt for the cold season. Wear it with boots to keep your feet warm, but make sure you like how short they are because this style doesn't require much fabric! If you're considering longer skirts that go above ankle height, tuck them into an undone boot; these will send fewer "sexy" vibes than wearing open shoes would.

7. How to wear a pleated skirt with graphic tees

Pleated Skirt
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In the winter, you can wear a jacket or blazer on top of your favorite t-shirt. Or maybe try going for one with oversized sleeves to cover those cold hands? They're perfect for any busy workday! And if you're in between sizes, go for the smaller size to keep it fitted.

8. How to wear a pleated skirt with shirts

Pleated Skirt
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Pleated Skirt
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Oversized shirts are a stylish and comfy way to keep cool this summer, and they're also a fun and trendy choice. In fall or winter, you can choose from either leaving your shirt hanging out underneath it while wearing anything else on top (including sweaters) or tucking in the bottom half if you want something more formal-looking for work occasions.

  • If you have a rectangle or apple body shape-

A pleated skirt is a type of skirt, and it can make you look excellent if it is the right one. Pick a style with an elastic waistband so it will hug your curves in all of those favorite places and give a more youthful, sassy appearance - especially when paired off high heels or boots! You could also wear matching leggings for extra shape-upping power when skirts aren't quite enough (and don't forget about accessorizing!)

Tip: When you find the fitting pleated skirt, it can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You want one tighter at the waist, so it shapes and defines your curves even more with its style. Wearing a belt around your waist will make these skirts look sexy because they show off your shape. 


I want to conclude this article by saying that pleated skirts are an excellent way of adding volume and flow to your outfit. They can wear in many ways, which is why they are a must-have piece of clothing.

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