Quilted jackets Guide: A brief History, Where and how to buy?

 Quilted jackets Guide: A Brief History, Where and how to buy?

Quilted Jacket

What do you think of when someone says quilted JacketIs it something warm and cozy to wear during winter months, or does this remind an old-fashioned puffy coat that only looked good on people in movies like The Great Gatsby (1949)? For many, they're not sure what these are. Luckily I'm here today with all the answers! We'll talk about where they come from their history as well; who should be wearing them today - so let's get started, shall we?!

Quilted Jackets History-

Before talking about the Jacket made from quilt that we all know and love, I need to give some background information on quilting. The hand made Quilts have been made since anywhere from 5500 BC up until modern times when they were replaced with machines during World War II because fabrics became scarce due to being imported from Japan; after WWII ended, there was no way countries could send them back, so everything had stopped working again but only this time different than before.
Quilling began as early as 1595, which means people probably quilted before this time. Still, quilling was the first instance where quilt making made it to paper instead of just being passed down orally or through art. 

Terminology of Quilted jacket-

Quilting is sewing fabric pieces together with thread or Machine Quilts using several different layers for added strength. The term 'quilt' seems to have originated in England during medieval times. It referred to a type of throw that was often used as padding on furniture, which became popularized into quilting designs found all around today's society.

The act originates from Middle English "cwiket," stemming back through Latin Lucita, meaning something like boudoir cushion, quilt, or quilted fabric.

Quilt History-

Quilting is the oldest sewing technique used to make mattresses, bedding, and clothing. Quilts were initially made of wool or cotton sewed together with layers for insulation; they also helped defend against body heat loss by trapping air between pieces of fabric - much like how down pillows do today! Not only did people use quilts as coverings during wintertime (since it's so effective at retaining warmth), but even armor would be covered up to wear them comfortably.

In medieval European times, a new trend arose: courtly love, which involved writing poetry on sheets enclosed inside soft covers embroidered from silk thread using fine needlework techniques such as quilting, worn over the heart by knights and ladies during tournaments and other formal occasions.
Courtly love was brought to America in 1607 when settlers came across quilts while searching for a place called Jamestown (it was abandoned after only one year because it didn't have enough drinking water). Quilt-making became common through various cultures, including African American traditions, Native Americans of North America, and Mexican people are known today as "Chicanos." In Europe, quilted items started being used for practical purposes, such as sleeping bags or armor!

Steve Guylas & the Husky Quilted Jacket-

Steve Guylas is an American entrepreneur who invented the quilted Jacket, which has become one of his most iconic creations. He was born in Pennsylvania and made history by creating this modern-day classic that defined style for over 50 years with just two simple stitch patterns- Starfish Stitch on front panels near neckline & Hemming stitch at bottom back hemline where it meets seat fabric; also used here are lightweight nylon threads so you can wear your coat year-round without harming its durability!

Steve Guylas was a young man when quilting became common because it had been around for decades. The quilted Jacket he patented in 1964 revolutionized quilt making by using many pieces of fabric and sewn together with threads that made the quilts lighter, warmer, and easier to pack than ever before!

The quilted styles we see today were Steve's brainchild. Still, it took lots of hard work to design something so effortless yet effective- he traveled all over North America working on finding new designs while selecting materials & fabrics which would ultimately be used in his jackets; this process involved creating several prototype coats until perfecting an outer shell that could withstand harsh winter climates but remain soft against your skin without having to wear bulky quilted clothing underneath.

After relocating to the United States in 1985, Guylas worked with his wife and son Steve Jr. on restoring old English antiques such as Husky jackets until they were sold out by Italian companies that produce them today. After the 1990s, sales success due to their quality craftsmanship.

The Original Husky Jacket-

The original Husky Jacket was designed by a man named Jack Frost. It has the letters H-U on it, which stand for "Husky." This iconic piece of clothing first came out in Tostock, England, during World War II when materials were scarce, and people needed something warm to wear that could serve multiple purposes - like protection from drafts or courtesy warmth against your enemies'.

This quilted Jacket was made for spacemen because it's lightweight, compacted easily to save space in bulky bags, & is 100% water-resistant, making it perfect for air travel! It's made entirely with 100% Nylon fabric without any kind of filling except polyester, which gives it its slouchy shape! What makes this suit unique is how basic yet durable you can be at once because there are no bells & whistles here, just five snap buttons upfront (pressed studs) & side vents closed with snaps instead of zippers.

Where & How to Buy Quilted Jackets-

A jacket from the original manufacturer is a great way to get your hands on one specific and authentic, but it can be difficult. The company has been sold off, so you'll only find these in secondhand stores or on eBay if at all possible, with slim chances of finding anything new that fits well while also being available in colors people like them best which would make for an average quality product as Nylon was what they were made out of initially before polyesters were added later down the line making their material less desirable nowadays.

In addition to this happening, the quilted jackets from this manufacturer were made by hand, so there is a lot of human error to consider- which means you're more likely to get something that has been stitched poorly.

If you can't find an original quilted jacket, then going with a replica or knockoff version would be your best bet since they have much better quality control and are cheaper than the real deal, but these aren't as good either! Their quilts do well in terms of warmth & resistance. Still, their outer shells won't last long if used regularly because Nylon will wear down over time & polyester isn't nearly as strong as Nylon when it comes to being water-resistant (not great if you like wearing your quilted jackets in the rain!)

One quilted Jacket that people love is a quilt from a company called Alpha Industries. They've been making quilts for over 50 years and have an extensive line of styles to choose from! Their 'M-65' quilt isn't much different than their standard military jackets, except it's made with premium quality materials, so you can expect your coat not only to last longer but look better too…which means more time wearing them out & less time worrying about repairs or replacements! If you like bright colors, they make quilts in all sorts of hues; if you want something rugged & tough (like Steve McQueen), there are camo versions available, even tartans. Are offered so you can have quilted jackets in your family's Scottish clan colors!
The quilts from Alpha Industries are made with 100% cotton for the filling, so they won't last as long as other quilted jackets do, but their Nylon shell is treated to be water & wind resistant- perfect if you're going on a hike or somewhere it might get chilly. This company has been committed to making quilted coats since 1950, which means people love them and that these garments will never go out of style because they were first modeled by Steve McQueen & Elvis Presley, who both wore one during their lifetimes. Consequently, those famous names helped make fashion trends popularize certain styles, so don't worry about what everyone else thinks when buying quilted jackets because you're not going to be the only one wearing them!

If you want quilted jackets to be part of your daily wardrobe but don't like the thought of buying secondhand or knockoffs, then there are other options too! If you can afford it, quilted jackets from top luxury brands make excellent investments because they never go out of style and will always be in demand due to their exquisite craftsmanship. The downside is that these quilts retail for over $1000, which means this isn't an affordable option unless money is not a concern (and even if it wasn't- would you want one?)

Another choice that's available online & much more affordable than designer coats is quilted jackets made with faux fur lining. These look great when worn since they're so fluffy & warm, but they aren't as water-resistant or durable since the quilts aren't made with a solid outer shell. If you take good care of them, then faux fur quilted jackets can last for years, but there's no guarantee that your coat won't get damaged if it falls in the rain, gets chewed on by an animal, or snagged on something sharp while out and about!

It might seem like quilted jackets are only meant to be worn during fall & winter months when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 Celsius) because that is what their design was initially intended for, but just because other people think this doesn't mean you have to follow along- especially not now that quilted coats come in so many styles (including quilted jackets made with leather!) that you'll be able to wear them year-round.

How to wear a quilted Jacket-

If the weather is chilly, wear quilted jackets with jeans and boots. Layer up by putting on a peacoat or other warm piece of clothing underneath for those freezing days! Their quilted jackets are an excellent choice for almost any occasion because their quilt will keep you warm on cold days, but they won't overheat & make you sweat when it gets warmer out. However, if your quilted Jacket doesn't have a quilt inside of it one then feel free to buy whatever kind makes you happy since there's no reason why not! You can also style your look, either way, depending on what type of quilts you get & where you go- make sure their fit correctly so they don't bunch at any point, which will show unbecoming lumpy bits around the elbows area (which nobody wants).

In conclusion, you should be aware that quality quilts can cost upwards of USD 300, so don't expect them to last forever & do can't skimp on buying something cheap just because everyone else is doing it- ultimately being trendy shouldn't beat having original style and fashion sense which comes from understanding what works best for each person is uniquely different.


Quilted jackets can be an excellent choice for those looking to dress up their casual outfit. They offer the benefits of wearing an outerwear piece while still allowing you enough mobility with its lower weight and warmer insulation that won't limit movement like other fabrics would. Well, against these coats! The best advice I have about selecting one is constantly referring back to the manufacturer's sizing charts. There could potentially otherwise lead to expensive mistakes such as buying too big or having no room left over after purchasing your standard shirt size so that it fits.


Quilted jackets are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Not only does it keep you warm and dry, but its versatility allows the user to use their coat in many different situations no matter what they may be up against on an adventure!

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